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TBFVA, Inc. is a multipurpose mental health corporation that is located in Maidens, VA in Goochland County. The CEO, Terry Becker-Fritz, brings a long career in the mental health field when working with individuals, schools, childcare centers, day treatment and residential centers, outpatient crisis centers, and businesses. There are three major areas of focus: EMDR therapy Training to mental health therapists; consultation and training to all groups on mental health and safety related issues; and individual mental health therapy to individuals ranging in age from newborn baby to older adult, who have experienced traumatic life experiences.

Terry Becker-Fritz, MS, RN, CS


Terry has a Masters degree from The Ohio State University and has her national certification as a Clinical Nurse Specialist through the American Nurse Credentialing Association. She has worked in most clinical treatment settings and managed clinical programs during her career including: inpatient psychiatric hospitals; outpatients mental health centers; crisis mental health centers; and day treatment programs. She has taught undergraduate students in nursing in mental health and supervised graduate students in clinical settings.


Terry's expertise is working with victims of trauma of all ages. She specializes in EMDR Therapy, an evidenced based treatment to help people recover from their traumatic event(s) to a place of mental health. She is a Consultant in EMDR Therapy, and as such she provides consultation services to other clinicians who are working towards their Certification or Consultant status in EMDR Therapy. She is also an independent EMDR Therapy Trainer, teaching EMDR Therapy Training to all advanced mental health clinicians.


Terry has served on many Boards of Directors in both the nursing and mental health fields. She is the Regional Coordinators for the Central Virginia EMDR Regional Network. She is also Chairing the Central Virginia Trauma Recovery Network which will respond to disasters using EMDR therapy in Virginia. This TRN provides Onsite therapy clinics post-disaster and  Pro Bono EMDR therapy to First Responders, Emergency Room Staff, and the general public who have been part of the disaster. The team provides assessment and treatment of symptoms that occur as a result of having experienced a disaster, right where it occurred. The goal of the team is to minimize the number of PTSD symptoms in individuals who are exposed to the disaster, thus being able to move one with their lives without being burdened by the terrible emotional after effects of the disaster. Terry will help coordinate the response team when a disaster occurs.


Terry has been married to her husband Bill for 36 years and has a daughter, Kadie, who is a psychologist in Richmond. Kadie and her husband, Jeff Weaver have 2 daughters, Emma and Madelyn, and a son, Owen, who are the pride and joy of their Grandmother. Terry is a Christian and volunteers in her community and church in many different roles to support individuals who are challenged. 



To minimize the effects of trauma and adverse life events on people through training,

consultation, and individual therapy, thus creating a mentally healthy community .

Our Mission
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