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Virtual EMDR therapy Training


Terry Becker-Fritz, MS, RN, CS


Due to the current and anticipated extended period of social distancing in the US, the EMDR International Association (EMDRIA) recently approved selected trainings in EMDR therapy to be offered virtually during 2021. This training and trainer have been approved and will meet all standards required. Using a secure Zoom platform, the training will follow the same schedule and cover the identical content as the on-location trainings.


Both Part 1 and Part 2 will be presented in this training format. All practicum experiences will replicate the standard training skills practice sessions by using closely supervised virtual "break out" rooms. The training manual will be mailed to you prior to Day 1 and includes all power point slides, handouts, and the spiral bound training manual that will be used throughout the 6 days of training.


Although this might not be the preferred method of learning, there are advantages. First, there is no chance of exposure to COVID-19 during the training. Second, there is no additional cost for lodging and travel, and allows you to be at home or your office during the training. Third, the size of the training is limited to 9 participants to ensure close supervision and ready availability to address questions or concerns. Fourth, because therapy into the near future may continue to be virtual, this will allow you to practice EMDR Therapy using virtual approaches versus trying to revamp face to face strategies in a virtual setting.


Trainees must have access to reliable internet and an undistracted location from which to participate that supports you being fully engaged and present. This training cannot be attended by audio or telephone only. The trainer and the trainee must be able to see each other. If you are unfamiliar with, you can go to this FAQ page to get all of your related questions answered. A brief pre-training meeting will take place to be sure all trainees can access the Zoom platform successfully. Further questions about the training can be directed to: Terry Becker-Fritz @


To successfully attend this training, you must have access to a computer or laptop with a built in or external webcam. It must have internet access in order to join each morning. If there is a drop in the Zoom meeting, it is helpful to have a backup device such as a smart phone to use. I have access to a second computer if something happens to mine.


To assure continued attendance, I will be checking attendance randomly throughout the training. Please provide an operational email and phone number each morning to assure that you can be contacted if your platform drops unexpectedly. You will be able to access the training for a short period of time using my conference call center, but this is only for the didactic part of the training until your is back.


Similar to our clients, you are asked to monitor yourself for your emotional states. Clinical case examples are shared for your learning. If you find yourself triggered by the examples, use your appropriate coping skills as you would if a client talks about material that disturbs you.


Upon completion, participants will be EMDR International Association approved EMDR trained clinicians.


Following is information on the training and the registration flier. Please complete the information on the flier and mail it with a check or money order to secure your place in the training. Remember, there are only 9 spots in any given training.


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