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Behavior Plans, IEP's or 504 Plans:


When a child acts out in school or a childcare center, the behavior can be dangerous and disruptive to learning. Often teachers are not trained in assessing the underlying reason for the behavior. Then a consequence system is set up that can actually escalate behavior. Terry will come into the school or childcare center to observer the environment, other student interactions, the teachers, and the child. Following this observation, a behavior plan will be created that will help stop the problem behaviors. She will meet with the teaching team and parents to share the results, and provide a recommendation regarding implementing the plan. 


















Workshops and Seminars:


Workshops lasting from 1 hour to 5 days seminars can be provided to employees to improve the quality of the workplace setting. There is a broad option for topics that expand the knowledge and experience of the employees. Some examples include: Bully Proofing; Violence Prevention in the Workplace; Managing Out of Control Behavior in the Classroom; Setting Up a Classroom that Minimizes Disruptive Behavior; Conflict Resolution; Suicide Prevention; Positive Communication Techniques; Verbal De Escalation; Recognizing Trauma and Behaviors that are the Symptoms; Dental Trauma; and many more.


When there are issues in the workplace setting that are creating conflict or unsafe working conditions, consultation can assist the management in program redesign that can facilitate an improvement in the workplace settng. Examples include: setting up an office area that maximizes safety; dealing with a potentially volatile employee or ex-employee; lock down plan for violence; being safe when in the community; or dealing with abusive phone calls.


Understanding the Steps of Escalation will assist teachers, administrators, and management staff in preventing dangerous behaviors from occurring. Making this 3 day training mandatory to specialized response teams will allow for a rapid response to de-escalate a potentially volatile situation before it gets out of control.








The focus of this consultation is on minimizing everyday triggers that set up explosive or out of control behavior from the youth. The approach is trauma based, helping treatment facilities better understand how the trauma that these clients have experienced create the behaviors. Specialized treatment options that focus on the "3 P's": predictable, protective, and practice; as well as the "2 A's": accessible and attention, help support an environemnt that minimizes environmental and staff triggers, thus decreasing the out of control behavior of clients. Specialized training to staff on how to set up effective privilege systems that encourge clients to change their choices is also included. Recognizing the behavioral, verbal, and voice tone responses that escalate behaviors is part of the training.


To be proactive in response to out of control and aggresive behavior, training on recognizing the 6 steps of escalation, and the specific verbal, environmental, behavioral, and facial responses at each step are reviewed and practiced, with the goal of never needing to put hands on a client by intervening immediately at the lowest step possible.



















Terry is a Consultant for EMDR therapy through EMDRIA. She provides individual and group consultation for newly trained therapists in EMDR. She also provides the consultation needed to become Certified or a Consultant in EMDR therapy. These are provided both in person or by phone.














Terry has experience reviewing cases presented by an attorney regarding a specific mental health issue. Her expertise in teen suicide; use of isolation rooms or physical restraint in schools; and analysis of treatment staff actions in different settings are examples.

















Bully Proofing Schools:


Schools across the country are dealing with bullying behavior by a small group of students who have a tremendous impact on the climate of the learning environment. Much research has shown that when there is bullying occuring, the focus and attention of everyone, students and adults, is on feeling safe versus learning. All schools have a legal mandate to provide a safe and harassment-free learning environment. But accomplishing this takes a targeted approach completely separate from typical disciplinary rules and consequences. Terry provides a comprehensive assessment of the buildings climate regarding bullying; training to all adults, students, and parents regarding bullying behaviors; development of a comprehensive bully proof plan addressing the bully, victim, caring majority of students exposed to the behavior; policies and procedures necessary for consistent response; behavior tracking tool; and a disiplinary plan specific to bullying. Because bullying has proven to be lethal, both with school shooters and suicide, it is highly cost effective both fiscally and emotionally to implement a comprehensive prevention and intervention plan.










Rates for EMDR therapy Training:


Total Cost:  $1,300.00

                       $ 650.00 at registration

                       $ 650.00 on Day 1 of 



Includes: Part 1, Part 2, 10 hours

                  Consultation, and 40

                  Continuing Education



Continuing Education Credits:

                   Social Workers



Cancellation Policy:

  * Full refund up to 30 days prior to


  * 80% refund from 6 to 29 days

      prior to training

  * No refund 5 days or less prior to



Rates for Other Training:


2 hours or less:     $250.00

4 hours:                   $500.00

4 hours:                $1,000.00



Rates for Consultation:


EMDR therapy Consultation:


Individual: $100.00/hour

Group: (maximum of 4 clinicians)

             $100.00/hour (shared)


IEP/504 and Behavior Plans:


$100.00/hour (includes observation, meetings, written behavior plan)


Program Development or Redesign:


$150.00/hour (includes onsite observation, meetings, review of documents, and creation of program redesigns


Legal Review:


$200.00/hour (includes onsite observation, review of documents, meetings, phone calls, and written report preparation

$250.00/hour for court appearance




All expenses will be billed including:

mileage, airfare, lodging, meals, taxi, postage, printing



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