Below are testomonials from Clients, Parents of clients, Members of the professional organizations Terry is associated with, Consultees,  and Therapists who have taken EMDR therapy Training

"The EMDR therapy training was an excellent course. Very though education about the protocol. Terry was excellent at covering so much material and checking to make sure we got it."  

      Newly Trained EMDR Therapist

"Terry offered a wealth of kowledge and experience. She blended pedagogical material with interactive and practicum exercises. In a short time she built strong rapport with the group."   

    Newly Trained EMDR Therapist

"Miss Terry   put up with me for a long time.  I would be one of the first one’s to admit that her tough love was very effective for me.  Overall she was a nice and funny therapist and I’m glad she was able to work with me.  No matter what happened she was able to help me work it out.   I changed schools for 6th grade and because of working with Miss Terry I was comfortable with that change.  All the things she taught me came to use.   It’s great that I don’t get  upset so easily because now I can hang out with everybody!"  Adam M.

"Terry’s consulting for my EMDR certification was the most innovative and comprehensive consulting I have experienced in any of my consultation experiences. I learned way beyond what was required for my certification requirements and continue to use her for consultation even after being certified.”

EMDR Therapist/Certified/Consultant

“Terry’s work with me gave me my freedom back from the trauma that created OCD for me. I am free to be whatever I want to be and not be fearful of the things that have happened to me in my life”

                        15yo Female Client

"Terry Becker-Fritz is our Saving Grace! My son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome at age 6. Shortly after that we began to see Miss Terry. When we began treatment my child could not spend an entire day in class. He was removed because of meltdowns and the inability to handle all the stimuli in a mainstream classroom. Miss Terry worked with him starting in first grade through fifth grade. She is not afraid to tackle the hard issues and never let him or I slack off on the behaviors she wanted us to work on. Her years of experience and utmost care for her patient’s behavioral health brought us to a place I never thought we’d ever reach. My son is in Middle School now and there is no evidence of his disability. He has friends at school for the first time and has even been able to join sports teams which are just two amazing accomplishments I never thought we’d see. I attribute it all to our time spent with Terry. She gave him the tools he needed to cope and work through social situations that are difficult for him."  

Anne M.

Terry has a ton of great EMDR therapy knowledge and experience which she shares in a very clear, practical and helpful manner. 

 I have benefitted from Terry’s good work to help me prepare for a presentation which I was nervous about, as a Consultant In Training with her as my training Consultant, and as part of the Central Virginia TRN which she has been leading toward development and implementation. 

 Terry approaches all of these roles with wisdom and a competent, reassuring manner.  I am so glad Terry moved to Central Virginia!  I highly recommend Terry as an EMDR Therapist, Consultant and Trainer.  Kris SM